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Our top 6 summer personal insurance claims, and how you can help your clients prevent them

Top 6 summer personal insurance claims you can help your clients avoid: storm and fire damage, theft, boating accidents and more More >>

How can you improve your client's insurance claim experience?

While the claims process it out of the insurance producer's control, there are a few things producers can do to help their clients through their insurance claim experience: explain coverages and limits up front; help them contact the right team; continue follow-up and more. More >>

Auto recycler fire risks

Auto recycler fire risks can quickly turn a successful business to a smoldering heap. Help your recycler clients lower their risk with these tips on dismantling safety, battery removal, training and more. More >>

Help your clients prevent boat theft with these steps

Help your marine clients enjoy the season with these tips for boat theft prevention for power boats, sailboats and more: marina choices, securing the boat, stowing personal property, keeping an inventory and more More >>

16 insurance agent sales tips to follow and sales myths to leave behind this year

Review our 16 insurance agent sales tips and jettison these 16 sales myths on doing your homework, using the same sales pitch, controlling the conversation, social selling, follow-up and more. More >>

How to boost revenue with insurance agency customer service

Quality agency customer service is crucial but often difficult when our main touch point is a claim. Here's how to enhance service by quick, thorough communication, using the latest technology, improving your culture, hiring "nice" people and more. More >>

Top reasons to add Residential Earthquake insurance to grow your book

Give your West Coast clients the security of small commercial and residential earthquake insurance. Here's what we offer More >>

Social engineering fraud - how to protect your commercial client

How might social engineering fraud affect your BOP and other commercial clients? Learn how your clients can detect and protect themselves More >>

Spring clean your insurance marketing techniques

Spring clean your insurance marketing techniques in six easy steps: email list cleaning, mobile first, automated marketing and more. More >>

Top 12 tips for boating with dogs

It's boating season! Use these 12 safety tips on boating with dogs to keep your furry, friends safe onboard. More >>

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