Boost your insurance sales skills with these tips 

As an insurance producer, are you finding it more and more difficult to grow your book of business? We recently surveyed a number of our appointed producers and found out this is your number one hot button. So once a month (or so), we're distilling some of the top advice we can find, to help you boost your insurance sales skills and grow your business. 

Top traits of an insurance consultant

In the sales arena, extroverts have a leg up on us introverts. Why? Because they more easily think on their feet. They think best and fastest with their mouth running. A quick and articulate reply doesn't come as easily to introverts, who typically think with their mouths closed. And who can abide that awkward silence while the introvert is thinking of an answer? Yep, it's awkward. 

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However, anyone can be taught to be persuasive, said Jeff Charles in a Small Business Trends blogpost. He names five traits that will make you a better consultant - and grow your sales. Make sure you personify these five insurance sales skills:

  • Be an active listener. Carefully listening to what's said and observing body language will help you understand the other person's needs, pain points and desires.
  • Ask questions. The challenge is to stop yourself from jumping to conclusions based on what you've just heard. Instead, ask open-ended questions to dig deeper and get the other person to explain their situation or their viewpoint more fully. This will help you not only get the information you need to influence the sale, but it also helps you build a deeper connection: it shows your interest in their need. (Related: Top body language mistakes insurance agents make in meetings)
  • Show you care. When you can effectively tune in to how your prospect feels and communicate that to them, they will lower their guard. "It's a great way to handle conflict and overcome objections, " Charles said in his blogpost.
  • Talk in layman's terms. Don't try to impress your prospect with insurance lingo; instead, keep your message as simple as possible. Explain terms they may not understand. "The more simply you articulate your proposal, the easier it will be to get the other person to comply with your request, " Charles explained.
  • Always keep the prospect's viewpoint in mind. Here's where many novice agents fail: in their eagerness to gain the sale, they focus their attention and most of the conversation on their own pitch - not on the prospect's needs. Don't rush past their needs. They don't care what you're proposing until they're certain you understand their needs. Your part of the conversation should be spent matching their wants and needs to your proposal. Start with their viewpoint - first, last and always.

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Do you have sales tips that work for you at your agency? Share them in comments below.