Behind the scenes - Arrowhead's Infrastructure

Every successful company has first-class bench strength. The departments working behind the scenes to ensure our programs are successful include:


The Actuarial team is responsible for product, rate and form market research as well as analyzing program data to determine rate needs. This number savvy group also develops rate proposals, internal and external data reporting, prepares state filings and contacts state insurance departments regarding state policies and status of outstanding filings.


As an insurance agency with underwriting authority, our Compliance Department ensures we observe all statutory requirements imposed on the property and casualty insurance industry. This includes complying with our carriers’ underwriting guidelines as well as complying with Department of Insurance filings for the products we service. With six employees who conduct regular compliance audits of all divisions, we also keep all Arrowhead licenses up-to-date and perform regulatory research as needed for any of the operating divisions.

Creative & Communications

The Arrowhead Creative Communications team creates and enforces the company’s corporate identity standards for the Arrowhead brand. These standards allow Arrowhead to project an image of corporate unity and consistent standards of quality to our customers and potential business partners. This group is responsible for creating Arrowhead’s advertisements, marketing materials, including presentations, brochures, newsletters, tradeshow signage and marketing flyers. The Creative team creates and maintains the company’s web site, web graphics, online demos and E-mail marketing as well as reviewing all external business communications.

Finance & Corporate Accounting

Corporate accounting prepares monthly financials for all divisions and works with outside auditors on annual audited financial statements. We also prepare all carrier reconciliations and all bank account reconciliations and process monthly payments to carriers. In addition, we work with the carriers on financial audits of their programs. Currently we have 12 people on our staff, which we anticipate can handle the projected growth over the next year.

Human Resources

Human Resources assists in the recruitment of associates, the negotiating, selection and administration of benefits, writing and implementing policies, maintaining legal compliance of employment law, implementing and maintaining compensation structure so as to be internally and externally equitable, processing payroll, and providing opportunities for professional training and development, implementing and maintaining a top-notch strategic performance management program that is goal oriented to the growth and success of the employees and the company; and, most importantly, maintaining a positive employee relations environment.

Information Systems

The Information Systems department is responsible for the development and support of Arrowhead’s key technology assets such as Arrowhead Exchange. Working hand in hand with Arrowhead business units, the IS department looks for ways in which technology can be used as a differentiator in the marketplace. Whether it is developing a solution internally or evaluating external vendor solutions, the IS department acts as an internal consulting unit that can be leveraged by all Arrowhead departments.

Marketing Operations

The Marketing Operations Department responsibility is to facilitate all Arrowhead producer appointments. In addition, the department also facilitates mass communications, producer management and works closely with all profit centers to leverage Arrowhead’s agency force for new and existing product distribution opportunities. As Arrowhead grows, the Marketing Operations Department, with dedicated staff members, continues to create flexible solutions in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of its internal and external customers.

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