Arrowhead Named as Everest National’s Access Point for Contractors’ Risks

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Effective November 1, 2015 Arrowhead General Contractor’s Program has been selected as  Everest National Insurance Company‘s sole access point for all contractors risks up to $500,000 in manual premium. So, what does this mean for you?

  • Submit all of your contractor submissions $0 to $500,000 manual premium directly to Arrowhead. If these accounts are sent directly to Everest you will experience delays as you will be instructed to forward the submission to Arrowhead for underwriting review.
  • If you have a direct appointment with Everest and would like to submit contractors’ accounts over $500,000, take your pick: You can submit directly through for faster clearance, submit via email to [email protected] or send to your Everest underwriter.
  • If any of your contractors’ accounts between $75,000 and $500,000 are currently written through Everest Direct these will be renewed as usual because they will be grandfathered in.

If you select Arrowhead, you will offer your contractors risks a known quality product with the financial strength of an A+ rated carrier, and you will receive underwriting expertise, personalized loss control and outstanding customer service. You and your clients will also experience the added benefit of claims handling through American Claims Management, Inc. (ACM).

“Now our producers and a wider range of their clients can take advantage of speedier submissions and faster workers’ compensation claims settlement, as claims are handled by ACM,” explained Paul McIntosh, VP of Commercial Marketing for Workers’ Compensation. “ACM – American Claims Management – is known for their higher level of communication and also for their speed to close a claim.”

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For more information, contact Paul McIntosh, [email protected] or 619-325-2322. You can also download the workers’ compensation datasheet. Not yet a producer? Learn more about an Arrowhead appointment.