Top reasons to add Core Commercial for your small-to-medium business insurance clients

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Core Commercial provides small-to-medium business insurance for your commercial clients

In the nearly two years since carrier QBE named Arrowhead as their program administrator for their small-to-medium business insurance program (accounts up to $100,000 in premium), we’ve revamped the program as Core Commercial, comprised of Arrowhead Advantage BOP and Advantage Package.

Arrowhead Advantage BOP and supporting lines such as Commercial Auto, Workers’ Compensation and Umbrella, when written together, operate as ‘instant issue’, also known as straight-through-processing, that can be rated/quoted/bound online, primarily without any underwriting referral.

Arrowhead Advantage Package applies to a broader range of risk types and more complex risks that will need an underwriter’s input. Applications for Arrowhead Advantage Package can also be uploaded to Arrowhead Exchange for faster processing.

During these two years, we’ve been busy adding enhanced coverages to move these products to the head of the class, so to speak. We’ve added a new technology platform to streamline your rate/quote/bind experience. And we’ve rolled out these products to nearly all states.

Here are the main questions we get asked about Core Commercial:

How has our small-to-medium business (SMB) insurance improved over the old QBE versions?

Enhanced coverages. We’ve expanded our coverage in a number of ways, adding

  • Cyber coverage
  • EPLI
  • Coverage specific to various industries, including construction and landscaping contractors, restaurants, retail, professional and financial services, small artisan contractors, light manufacturing (tool & die), plus office exposure such as medical, accounting, real estate, insurance and property managers
  • Once program roll-out is complete this year, it will be available in all 50 states

Online technology. Secondly, we’ve moved to a more streamlined online platform, This allows for a faster quoting time and as mentioned earlier, your clients who qualify for the BOP product can be bound online in about 20 minutes – the time it takes to grab and enjoy a cup of Starbucks.

Advanced underwriting. Thirdly, each producer is assigned a dedicated underwriting team who is committed to working with you to say YES to your risk – and as quickly as possible. Because we know that when there’s a delay, your client may begin looking elsewhere for coverage. We don’t want that – and neither do you.

“Our Core Commercial underwriter finds ways to write accounts that others might’ve declined – he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s gone above and beyond so many times!” says Chrissy Suhr, Corkill Insurance, Chicagoland.

Local customer service team. Also very important to our producers, we’ve moved our customer service team back to the U.S. That means no more overseas calls with difficult-to-understand reps. Our CSRs have been with Arrowhead in San Diego for years, so they understand not only our Core Commercial products for small-to-medium business insurance, but how the industry functions as well.


What have your producers told you are the best benefits of our SMB program?

We get it. We can brag about our enhanced program all day, but here’s what our producers have to say they like best:

  • Simple to use; easy to do business on
  • Your turn-around times. You guys are very responsive!
  • You can deliver in a short time-frame. Important when I’m under the gun!
  • Your transparency. I’m glad that I can talk directly with my underwriter and get to know her, so that I can ask questions and give a better picture of my client’s needs.
  • Your large appetite – and your rates are more competitive on many classes.
  • Having a single underwriter assigned to my agency makes the process much easier and faster.
  • This may sound strange, but the fact that you’re not represented by every other agent in town is what I like – you have great products but a purposely limited distribution. That helps me differentiate my agency to prospective clients. I think it’ll help me retain clients as well.
  • We’ve contracted to place other lines of business through Arrowhead, since we now have the Core Commercial appointment.

“The program is easy to sell because everything is packaged together specifically for our clients.  The platform is also easy to use.  It is an easier sell when we can go back to our client with a packaged product designed specifically for their industry,” said Scott Mosher, operations manager at Mosher & Associates, with four Wisconsin locations.

“We’ve been sending our BOP and commercial package business to QBE for several years,” said Doug Snow, CEO of Beehive Insurance Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. “They had the offerings we needed to take care of our clients. And they could do specific things we had the need for. Naturally, we’ve moved to Arrowhead’s BOP and Core Commercial Program, because they’re managing these QBE products.”

“We’ve worked with QBE for years, even back when they were General Casualty,” says Mosher. “We decided to give Arrowhead a chance because we appreciated Dave Kirby’s and Rich Dern’s honesty and their commitment to build a relationship with us.  Arrowhead has a very good insurance product, but so do other carriers.  For us, it is more about feeling comfortable with the carrier and the people who represent it.”

Have your producers shared any advice or tips that help them sell Core Commercial?

“One thing I’ve learned in this business: Speed and underwriting flexibility are key,” said Snow. “If you can’t rate it, sell it and get the policy issued in just a few key strokes, the opportunity has passed. That prospect’s gone on to someone else, because they want it as fast and competitive as possible. Those who have that technology, in partnership with brokers, will succeed.”

“Pick up the phone and call your resources. You’ll get a quicker answer,” said Suhr.  “Also, don’t rely on email as your only form of communication between you and your underwriter.  When you verbally communicate with them, you can explain the situation and walk them through why you feel it’s a good risk.”

“Once you have experience within a certain industry, focus on specific trade associations that align with the business you currently have and the business you’re trying to get,” added Snow.

“Never underinsure someone just to bring the premium down. Instead, explain why they need to increase limits or add coverage. Oftentimes, that education will help them overcome the increase in cost,” Mosher said.

“Building a strong relationship with your underwriter is key, especially in situations where you may need them to help you with coverage inquires,” Suhr explained. “If the account stalls, be sure you know the key points that will be important to the underwriter when reviewing the file. We go over the tougher operations, safety issues and management. Before talking with an underwriter, be sure you understand what your client does, so you can explain it. When the underwriter fully understands the operation, you’ll be more successful writing the account.”  

Why should agents and brokers contract with you to sell your BOP and package?

  • Commission structure and profit-sharing help round out a terrific product.
  • “Franchise value” with limited accessibility
  • The Advantage Package has expert underwriting to help you land the account at the right price
  • Our Core Commercial team is innovative and flexible, able to adapt to an ever-changing insurance environment
  • Straight through processing rates and bind ratios effectively support your agency’s growth
  • Industry vertical enhancement endorsements help you sell to a wide variety of industries with targeted coverages for small-to-medium business insurance


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