Share OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2020 with your work comp clients [slideshow]

Share OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2020 with your work comp clients [slideshow]


Help your work comp clients lower their risk by sharing OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2020

If you’re a workers’ compensation producer, or a commercial lines producer, you’re committed to helping your clients increase their workplace safety and lower their experience mods. With that in mind, here is new data – OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2019 – to share with your work comp clients.

“In a year that was defined by the ongoing pandemic, workplace safety became more important than ever,” said Lorraine M. Martin, president and CEO of the National Safety Council, as quoted in EHS Daily Advisor. “The OSHA Top 10 list reminds us why we must continue to focus on persistent safety risks as we navigate new challenges. These data help us pinpoint areas where we can improve so we can better prioritize workplace safety in the future world of work.”

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Every year, OSHA publishes a list of the top 10 violations for the past 11 months, from Oct. 1 of the previous year through Aug. 31 of this year. The list was revealed in mid-September and varied little from the previous year. Here are this year’s Top 10 (swipe right-to-left to view each one), as reported by EHS Daily Advisor.


OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Help your work comp clients lower their risk by sharing OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2020.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Machine guarding
1,743 violations, most often by machine shop and fabricated metal manufacturing, for not properly anchoring fixed machinery, not guarding points of operation, not ensuring that guards are securely attached to machinery and improper guarding of fan blades.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Eye & Face Protection
1,411 violations, most often for not providing eye and face protection for employees exposed to hazards from flying objects; failing to provide eye protection with side protection; and providing no protection from caustic hazards, gases and vapors.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Training to enhance fall protection
1,773 violations: not providing training to each employee who was required to receive it; failing to certify training in writing; inadequate training that led to poor retention by the trainee; and failing to retrain when the trainee did not retain the training content.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Powered industrial trucks
2,093 violations, primarily against warehousing and storage facilities, fabricated and structural metal manufacturing and framing contractors, for deficient/damaged forklifts not removed from service, failing to safely operate a forklift, failing to retain certification of training and failing to evaluate forklift drivers every 3 years as required.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
2,606 violations among sawmills, machine shops and plastic manufacturers. Citations included not establishing an energy control procedure, not using lockout/tagout equipment or devices, not providing adequate training and/or not conducting period evaluations of procedures.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Ladders (construction)
2,345 violations, primarily among roofing, framing, siding, and painting contractors, for ladders with structural defects, failing to have siderails extend 3 feet beyond a landing surface, using ladders for unintended purposes or using the top step of a stepladder.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
2,813 violations, primarily against masonry, siding, roofing, and framing contractors, for improper decking, failing to ensure that scaffolds are adequately supported on a solid foundation and failure to provide guardrails.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Respiratory protection
2,450 violations, most often among auto body refinishing, masonry contractors, painting contractors and wall covering contractors, for failing to establish a protection program, perform required fit testing or provide medical evaluations.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Hazard communication
3,671 violations, for failure to provide a written program, adequate training and/or develop and maintain data safety sheets. At the top of the list: auto repair facilities and painting contractors.
OSHA’s Top 10 Violations for 2020
Fall protection
6,010 violations, primarily issued to roofing contractors, framing contractors, masonry contractors and new single-family housing construction contractors. Citations were mainly for failure to provide fall protection near unprotected sides or edges and on both low-slope and steep roofs.
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