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Ridgecrest earthquakes jolt SoCal – and we were there


It struck on a Friday night, when people were still celebrating the holiday weekend. Some had already sustained damage from the earlier earthquake; most were expecting smaller aftershocks. But the Friday, July 5th temblor – 7.1 in magnitude – was 10 times larger than the earlier one. Our Ridgecrest earthquake response team comprised of Arrowhead and ACM (American Claims Management) was already there.

“Our catastrophe team mobilized immediately following the initial 6.4 magnitude quake that struck on July 4. Partnering with Arrowhead Residential Earthquake, we identified customers in the affected area,” explained ACM President Dhara Patel.

“After the second quake occurred, we re-contacted and assisted our local producers with making policyholder calls to see what damage they sustained. Luckily, only a small number had damage and initiated claims,” said Patel.

The Ridgecrest earthquake response team worked through the holiday weekend, trying to reach customers and see if they needed assistance.

One local agent was called to get additional policyholder contact numbers, and it so happened that the agent is policyholder himself. Relieved to hear from the team, he relayed that he’d sustained no damage and was also able to give updates on several of his own clients, who were all safe with only very minor damages.

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Field claims staff were immediately dispatched to the area to perform inspections. They initiated some drive-bys for policyholders not reachable by phone, some of whom were out of town for the holiday. ACM’s Ridgecrest earthquake response team has completed inspections on all reported claims.

“Most of our customers only had minor damage – items falling off shelves, small cracks in walls and patios. While a few had more serious damage, no one was injured. Of course, nerves were a little frayed by two major quakes and hundreds of small aftershocks for days,” said Patel.

“Several people had quite large cracks and will need engineers to confirm the extent of damage. One policyholder who was out of town on the holiday returned to a home that ‘looked like it was ransacked’ — with items fallen over and cracks in walls and windows. Fortunately, however, everyone was safe, and power was restored to most homes generally within the day.”

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According to the LA Times, more than 80,000 aftershocks have been reported since early July. There’ve also been a pair of earthquakes in the East Bay and a 4.6 magnitude quake near Seattle.

Interest in Arrowhead’s Residential Earthquake Program has more than doubled since the Ridgecrest quakes.

“This serves as a wake-up call and yet another reminder of the significant exposure and need for earthquake insurance throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.  If you have personal property clients on the West Coast, they need earthquake insurance!” said Craig Justice, president of CLJ Insurance Services, an Arrowhead subsidiary.  “Now is a great time to offer earthquake insurance to ALL of your customers.  Arrowhead is committed and ready to support your efforts with market-leading earthquake programs with the lowest deductibles, broadest coverages and very competitive rates.”

Arrowhead is open for new earthquake business, Justice said, and has plenty of capacity for residential and commercial throughout California, and the Pacific Northwest.  Programs include:

    • Residential Earthquake programs in California, Oregon and Washington
    • Small Commercial Property Earthquake Program*
    • New QUAKE ASSIST stand-alone business interruption earthquake program*

* Available in California

For more information on our Residential Earthquake Program, call 877.233.9722 or email [email protected].