What’s new at Arrowhead this year? More specialty programs

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4 specialty programs make their Arrowhead debut

The first quarter of 2017 isn’t over yet, but already Arrowhead has added new specialty programs to our specialty producer offerings. (In full disclosure, some of these specialty programs have actually moved from our subsidiary, OnPoint Underwriting, to directly under the Arrowhead umbrella. However, some have added new carriers and expanded their products, so read on.)

Manufactured Housing

The Arrowhead Manufactured Housing Program encompasses coverage for manufactured home dealers, communities, RV parks and destination RV resorts. This program is in conjunction with AXIS Capital, rated A+ (Superior), Financial Size Category XV, along with numerous supporting markets rated A- or higher.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Property CAT exposure availability
  • Multi-state coverage; competitive rates on admitted paper
  • Business income coverage: loss of income from direct damage to non-owned homes in your community
  • General liability extensions give aggregate limits per location and automatic additional insured wording
  • Automobile and umbrella coverage available
  • Coverage available for communities with owned rental units and dealers with used home sales
  • Property extension: fences, signs, ordinance and law, money and securities, employee dishonesty, sewer or drain water back-up
  • Dealer physical damage coverage on homes for sale
  • No limitation of coverage to designated premises for manufactured home dealers
  • EPLI including third-party coverages are available

“Yes, we’re appointing new producers,” says Jackie Miller, vice president and operations manager. “We’d like them to already have a book of business, but that isn’t mandatory. We would be willing to train new agents if they’re looking to sell our product and it’s a new class of business for them.” View more information online or call Jackie Miller, 602.648.7274 or email her at [email protected].


Our Forestry Program provides coverage for mobile equipment, machinery and tools of the logging and wood product industries. Classes include logging, lumbering, wood yard, sawmills, land clearing and chipping operations, in 49 states (and non-admitted in Florida). Admitted carriers include Zurich and American Guarantee Liability Insurance Company (rated A+ by A.M. Best). This specialty program features

  • Broad underwriting appetite and high in-house underwriting authority
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Earthquake and flood capacity
  • Valuation: actual cash value
  • 80 percent co-insurance
  • Deductibles starting at $500; minimum premium $500
  • 30-day coverage for newly acquired equipment

The program is open for new producers – preferably those with a knowledge of the logging business and who have a book or a specialty practice in the industry. Want more information? View online or call Don Fiorini 404.904.0100.

Security & Alarm

A focused solution for alarm, security and low voltage contractors, Arrowhead’s Security & Alarm Program has debuted with a new carrier, expanded coverage and affordable premiums. The program is open to new producers. Whether your client provides security and safety equipment, systems, installation, service or monitoring, Arrowhead’s got you covered. Insureds include contractors, electricians, monitoring companies, consultants and other systems professionals.

The Security & Alarm program offers broad, tailored GL and E&O insurance without having to go through membership fees, capital charges, subscription fees or other expensive charges or complicated forms. This program with Underwriters at Lloyd’s (rated A by A.M. Best) also offer broad coverage for difficult exposures like Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and medical monitoring. The underwriting team can quickly manuscript endorsements and certificates to meet vendor, property manager and certificate requirements. Free certificates and additional insured endorsements are available with a 24-hour turnaround; free contract assistance is also available. Learn more about this program, or call 866.848.9195 for a quote.

Tribal Specialty Program

Formerly OnPoint Underwriting’s Program for Sovereign Indian Nations, this Tribal Program actually made the switch to Arrowhead last year. A unique niche, this program works solely with brokers who have a high level of understanding around tribal insurance. As such, it is basically a program with limited distribution.

Active in the marketplace since 1987, the team’s longevity in the Sovereign Nations insurance business provides a greater understanding of the intricate exposures and special circumstances associated with tribal governments, gaming and enterprises. An in-house claims team understands Tribal law, Tribal courts systems, FTCA protection and Tribal Sovereignty claim issues. The claims management team has a thorough understanding of 638 Contracts, the Federal Tort Claims Act, the Inter-Tribal Arbitration Council and Tort Claims Code. Loss control and claims services are also available for Large Deductible Programs and Self Insurance Programs. View ArrowheadTribal.com for more details.

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