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Several weeks ago you wrote a homeowners policy for a new client that’s effective next week. This morning the applicant called, explaining the home has fallen out of escrow. Since there’s no home to insure, you need to cancel the policy immediately.

Last month, one of your long-time clients renewed their condo policy. Today they called to say they’re selling the vacation condo; in fact, closing day is set for tomorrow – so they’re cancelling the policy.

When your clients have policies that need to cancel today…tomorrow…or two months from now, we’ve got you covered.

In fact, as a response to our personal property producers’ requests, we’ve streamlined our cancellation process on ArrowheadExchange.com by adding a new online option for real time submission of cancellation requests. Now producers can request the following:

  • Real Time Flat Cancellations for policies with a future effective date or within 15 days of the effective date.  These requests will be able to auto process and you will receive a real time cancellation receipt.   
  • Flat Cancellation Requests for policies with effective dates over 15 days past the effective date.  Supporting documentation can now be uploaded with the request.
  • Cancellation requests for pro-rata cancellations.  Supporting documentation can now be uploaded with the request.

You’ll find the option titled “Cancellation Request” on the “Make Policy Change” page of the specific policy, just above the “Recurring Payments” option.

Producers, if you have any questions, contact Lauri Thum, vice president of marketing for property, LThum@Arrowheadgrp.com or 800.905.7550 extension 6827.

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