Holiday safety with smart home devices

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Smart home devices that make your holidays safer

  1. Avoid porch pirates and thieves stealing your outdoor decorations with these smart devices such as video doorbells.
  2. Reduce the danger of fire from your tree, fireplace or candles with this smart technology including indoor cameras.
  3. Avoid kitchen mishaps by adding these smart home devices such as smart appliances and more.


This “most wonderful time of the year” can also be the busiest and most stressful. Between shopping, decorating, baking and entertaining, it’s easy to take shortcuts that we normally wouldn’t. That’s why we’re focusing today on holiday safety with smart home devices.

Smart home technology really shines during the holidays by alerting you to those cookies burning in the oven, a package being stolen from your front porch, and more. Let’s walk through a few of these.

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Outdoor holiday safety with smart home devices

You’ve heard stories about how busy porch pirates are this time of year. All those packages piled up at the front door are ripe for the picking. In just one year, Americans lost about $5.4 billion from package theft courtesy of porch pirates. In fact, C+R Research says 36 percent of Americans have experienced package theft at least once.

Smart home devices such as doorbells, cameras and motion-sensor lights offer extra protection and deter thieves from stealing your packages. Here’s a sampling of devices to help you secure your belongings:

  • Video doorbells show you exactly when a package arrives and will monitor it until you’re home. Plus, you can talk to anyone who comes to your door without opening it.
  • Motion detector lights flood your porch or yard with light whenever someone walks by (or tries to steal your packages).
  • Outdoor security cameras survey your lawn so that you can catch any thieves in the act. However, be sure to check to see if your outdoor decorations obstruct their viewing radius.
  • Home automation switches are useful for one item, such as a lamp or coffeemaker, allowing you to turn it off or on automatically. As a theft deterrent, using several of these on lamps, a TV or radio are particularly beneficial.
  • Automatic front door locks secure the door but allow you to admit contractors or dog walkers into your home without loaning them a key. When your arms are laden with packages, you can automatically unlock the door as you approach.
  • Wi-Fi enabled garage systems alert you that the garage door has been left open and allows you to shut the door remotely – or open it to allow a delivery.
  • Outdoor smart plugs allow you to set a schedule to turn your holiday lights on and off, making it appear that you’re home, even when you’re not.
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Indoor holiday safety with smart home devices

If you’ve ever overloaded a circuit with too many old-style lights on your tree, creating a fire hazard… or lit candles, then went off and forgot them… or placed your tree or other decorations too close to your fireplace, this smart home technology can keep your holidays safer.

  • Smart smoke detectors alert you to a fire and call the fire department for you, even if you’re away from home.
  • Indoor cameras allow you to monitor every area of your home – including your Christmas tree and fireplace. Again, be sure your tree or other decorations don’t block the camera’s view.
  • Smart plugs let you use your cell phone to turn your tree on and off. You can also set a timer, so you don’t accidentally leave the lights on all night.
  • Smart thermostats let you to turn off your HVAC from your phone. So, if a fire breaks out, you can help limit smoke from traveling to other rooms.
  • Tree nanny watering systems help you monitor how much water your tree is getting and alerts you before the tree dries out to become a fire hazard.


In the kitchen

From a turkey fryer mishap to a pecan pie burned to a crisp, kitchen incidents soar over the holidays. Add to the mix your company drifting in and out of the kitchen, small children underfoot when kitchen mishaps occur (or causing one themselves, turning stove knobs, grabbing a knife on the counter, breaking a glass, etc.) and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen. To encourage holiday safety with smart home devices in your kitchen, consider these items:

  • Smart appliances alert you if you forget to turn them off, or when the fridge door is left open for too long.
  • Smart speakers or smart displays allow you to add voice control to your gadgets, such as setting timers for every dish so that you never forget to take something out of the oven.
  • Voice-controlled faucets keep your hands free and save time.

Savor the whole month of December, knowing it’s a little bit safer with the extra steps you’ve taken to secure your holiday safety with smart home devices.

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