On-the-job stretches help construction workers prevent injuries [infographic]

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Prevent injury with these stretches (yes, stretches!) for construction workers

It’s no secret that construction workers hold probably the most grueling jobs in the nation. Injuries are unfortunately commonplace, from a sprained wrist or ankle, to a debilitating fall or even a fatality. Safety issues are a constant focus, including safety meetings, use of safety harnesses, equipment checks and more. These can prevent major and minor injuries. Here’s another way to prevent minor injuries: these on-the-job stretches help construction workers prevent injuries.

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First, though, let’s take a look at a few construction worker injury statistics:

  • 10% of construction workers are injured annually. (OSHA)
  • 150,000 construction site accident injuries occur every year. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  •  Injury rates in construction are 71% higher than the average injury rates across all industries. (NCBI)

While it may seem comical to think of burly construction workers doing on-the-job stretches help prevent injuries, these simple exercise can improve flexibility and circulation, plus improve physical performance.

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“Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong, and allows for joints to maintain range of motion. Without it, muscles and surrounding areas could become tight, strained or even permanently damaged during work,” said a BigRentz article. Below is their infographic, showing eight easy stretches for workers to incorporate in their daily routine, reposted with permission. Encourage your construction clients to pass along these on-the-job stretches to help construction workers prevent injuries.

This infographic originally appeared on bigrentz.com; the article appeared on the Arrowhead Tribal blog. It has been updated and modified to better fit the needs of Arrowhead producers and their clients.

8 Simple Stretches for Construction Site Safety