Spotlight on Core Commercial Producer Jennifer Robinson

Spotlight on Core Commercial Producer Jennifer Robinson
Core Commercial producer Jennifer (at right) with her camel - and her team at TWFG Insurance Services


Meet Jennifer, Core Commercial producer and petting zoo owner


Before she puts on her insurance hat each day, Core Commercial Producer Jennifer Robinson takes care of the animals in her petting zoo.

“I’m up at daybreak, making sure the animals have enough hay and water for the day. When I get home, I check them again and may bottle-feed my baby animals.”

We chatted with Jennifer recently, asking her about her “double life.”


How did you get started with all the animals?

Back in 1998 we took our daughter who was age three to a flea market. The man offering pony rides was selling his business, so we bought it. Ten years later we bought a petting zoo; in 2012 we added a nine-month-old camel named Clyde.


What animals do you have?

Ponies, the camel, a water buffalo, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, guineas and ducks.  My water buffalo is so shy that, if you coax him out, he only stays out for a little while then goes back under the barn.  Our baby goats were bottle-raised and think they can come in the house anytime. Our lamb we jokingly called Crybaby because of her bawling, but after two weeks she would not come when we called her by her real name – so Crybaby has stuck.

Occasionally I’ll bring an animal into the office – mainly newborn goats or lambs.  Clyde our camel came to visit recently.


Speaking of work, tell us about your role at TWFG Insurance Services

I’m a commercial lines customer service rep, working with Denise Davis, a Core Commercial producer. I’ve been in insurance for more than 20 years. Fresh out of school, I went to work for my agent at the time, who was looking for help. In those two decades, a lot of improvements have been made in the industry – like clients being able to sign documents online.


What’s the best – and worst – part of your job?

Getting to know our clients. Often they’ll tell you things you probably shouldn’t know! The worst thing is angry clients. Sometimes it’s easier to place them on hold for a moment, take a deep breath, and then start the conversation on better footing.


How did you learn about Arrowhead’s Core Commercial?

I had worked with Arrowhead in a previous job, before they added Core Commercial.

I’ve found that Arrowhead will offer a better way to do business with some of our clients who, in the past, we were only able to place in surplus lines. Our Arrowhead underwriter has made our job easier!


What do you do differently from your peers?

Number one: I get to know my clients.  When a commercial client calls, they know you value them if you know their name and remember their account and their company.  Because I own a business and carry insurance myself, they know I understand payroll, insurance and all the nuances that come with running a business.


What are typical objections you hear, and how do you overcome them?

When a business owner says they don’t need insurance, I have a ready answer. As a business owner myself, I was sued twice in 2008. That makes it easier for me to say, “You may not have been sued yet, but it will happen.”

Insurance clients and my animals have a lot in common – in a good way. One, they’re all very different, with different needs. No two animals – or clients – are the same. Two, they need the right environment to succeed. Nurturing my pets and helping my clients secure their environments are what I do.