Spring clean your insurance marketing techniques

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Is it time to update your insurance marketing techniques?

Technology is changing at such a rapid rate, it seems as though there’s a new marketing innovation almost every other every week. Keeping up can be challenging. As digital innovation evolves, so do insurance marketing techniques, and what may have been considered cutting edge even a year ago may well be considered nearly obsolete now.

When it comes to your own insurance marketing, your primary focus will understandably remain on your current clients. However, in order to continue to grow your book of business, it’s equally important to reach out to prospective and inactive clients as well, which may seem like a daunting task for many busy agents.

Fortunately, with so much technology readily available at our fingertips, your efforts can be innovative without being overly complicated or time-consuming. With the click of a button, agents can now easily and effectively market to every type of client in their pipeline.

Whether your insurance marketing strategy is in need of a little brush up or has fallen completely by the wayside, now is the ideal time to “spring clean” your insurance marketing techniques with new and improved techniques that are not only far ahead of the curve, but also have little to no impact on your bottom line—a winning combination!

Implement these 6 straightforward strategies to bolster your insurance marketing techniques:

1. Get clean. You’re only as effective as your digital “little black book” of contacts, and if your email database is full of bad contacts that consist of too many email bounces, unsubscribes or spam reports, that will quickly send your attempts at communication along with your reputation straight into the virtual trash! Taking the time to regularly clean up your data and remove any unsubscribe requests will help ensure you’re correctly targeting your audience and making the most out of your marketing efforts.

2. Get Gmail. Gmail wants to become your new virtual admin assistant by ramping up its efforts to enable users to do more within the tool. It’s recently launched a few new key AI features that help users proactively manage communications that might otherwise fall through the cracks. For example, your mailbox is now able to notify you of high-priority communications; a snooze feature allows you to set a communication reminder for a specific date and time; the smart reply for desktop feature that allows for quick, automatically drafted and sent responses is now available on mobile; and a nudge feature serves as a reminder to respond to key communications.

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3. Get creative. Rather than send the obvious posts about why prospects need insurance (most are already well aware of this), stay relevant and interesting by creating and sharing content that’s valuable and applicable to clients regardless of where they currently are in the insurance pipeline. This will allow you to not only brand yourself but also stay top of mind so that clients remember you when it actually counts.

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4. Get social. This approach of utilizing any platform that falls under the social media umbrella may seem counterintuitive; however, it’s important to remember that just about everybody, regardless of age or location, is on some form of social media. Close to two billion people are on Facebook alone—almost a third of the global population! Get creative with your content and be sure to share it across multiple platforms. Make sure you establish and maintain your unique brand “voice” that guarantees each prospect or client has a similar experience each time they come across one of your posts, regardless of how, when or where they found you.

5. Get mobile. It’s no secret that just about everybody is addicted to their phones. Studies show that users spend upwards of five hours on their mobile devices every day, with most users keeping their devices within arm’s reach at all times. Internet users spend about 51 percent of their time on a mobile device compared to 48 percent on a desktop computer, and approximately 1.14 billion Facebook users are mobile-only. Therefore, it’s important to make sure all your websites and communications are compatible with an array of devices.

6. Get automatic. As an agent, you understand firsthand the long list of demands you face on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Finding spare time to manage a pipeline of current clients and prospects on top of attempting to follow up with past clients can seem daunting, if not an altogether impossible task. While actively marketing to clients and prospects is essential, it can easily (and understandably) take a backseat to many other priorities. Automating your emails and social media marketing so that communications go out on a preset time and date is an effective and easy way to consistently reach your audience by using simple and readily available user-friendly tools.

Perhaps the best part about these tips? They’re not only proven effective, but they’re also virtually cost-free!

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