Three Reasons Why Arrowhead is the Preferred Choice for CA Workers’ Compensation Coverage

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Arrowhead’s producers and their clients receive great coverage, competitive rates and exceptional customer service from our Workers’ Compensation team. Our Workers’ Compensation producers can keep all the tools they need at their fingertips when presenting our quotes. Don’t forget to share with your clients all the value-added services we offer:

American Claims Management (ACM) – A wholly-owned subsidiary in the Arrowhead family, ACM focuses on immediate intervention and proactive guidance to ensure claims are closed quickly so employees can get back to work faster. With carefully monitored treatment and effective return-to-work practices, ACM is able to shorten disability periods and minimize instances of attorney involvement. A “one-stop shop” for workers’ compensation claims and risk management, ACM is dedicated to cost containment solutions. Specialized in-house services focus on managed care services, lien resolution and negotiation services, fraud investigation and subrogation. Learn more about ACM’s Specialized Claim Services

Everest HELPLINE – This human resources service provides unlimited access to a law firm specializing in employment law. HELPLINE can help limit E&O exposure and significantly increase retention and new acquisition on qualified accounts. It also includes online resources such as unlawful harassment training, state-specific employee handbook builder, federal and state news as well as state forms and free mandatory posters. View more on Everest’s HELPLINE, a source of human resources and employment law advice.

Medical Provider Network (MPN) – A medical provider network (MPN) provides a group of health care providers to treat workers injured on the job. According to the California Workers’ Compensation Institute, employers that use an MPN can experience as much as a 30% average reduction in overall claims costs. They also found that use of MPNs had a lower attorney involvement rate and higher claim closure rates. View ACM’s Medical Provider Networks.

Contact your marketing representative for more detailed information on our value-added services to help you present our quotes.

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And don’t forget: appointed producers can process Workers’ Compensation renewal business online in three easy steps through our quoting portal, Instant Quick Quote renewals will be available if continued eligibility is met. Submitting renewal business electronically ensures the fastest quote turnaround time. Plus, you can:

  • Obtain real-time status updates
  • Receive email reminders
  • Verify and review expiring information
  • Update payrolls and class codes
  • Submit online bind requests
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Agents, take a look at our Workers’ Compensation Program to add to your portfolio of insurance solutions.