Top benefits of our Manufactured Home Community Owner & Dealer Program

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Grow your book with our Manufactured Home Community Owner & Dealer Program

With the national median home value continuing to rise – 7.6 percent this year – manufactured home communities are a growing choice for many Americans. Entry level pricing is much more affordable, across the country. Some 22 million Americans live in manufactured homes, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute, a national trade organization. Those are a few of the reasons we suggest you consider adding our Manufactured Home Community Owner & Dealer Program to your commercial book of business.

Arrowhead’s program not only covers manufactured home communities – but also manufactured housing dealers, plus RV parks and RV destination resorts. Coverage is broad for the industry’s unique exposures.

How comprehensive is coverage under Arrowhead’s Manufactured Home Community Owner & Dealer Program?

“We offer several options that other insurers don’t,” explained Jackie Miller, vice president and operations manager. “Our Business Income coverage responds to loss of income resulting from direct damage to non-owned homes in your community and coverage for communities with owned rental units, along with an optional extended period of indemnity.

“Our property extension includes fences, signs, ordinance and law, money and securities, sewer or drain water back-up, even employee dishonesty,” she added. “Debris removal can be included as well.”

Dealer physical damage coverage is included on homes for sale (with monthly reporting options on dealer physical damage in most states). There’s no limitation of coverage to designated premises for dealers; and coverage is also available for manufactured home dealers with some used home sales, she said.

“We’ve worked with Jackie Miller and her team for 20 years.  They know our business, know what customers need, and offer excellent service.  Their policies offer a great value and more options than most.  Valuable inspection services and coverages unique to Manufactured Housing operations make the Arrowhead program special.” — Kurt D. Kelley, J.D., president of Mobile Insurance, The Woodlands, TX.

Why do producers say they choose Arrowhead’s program?

Two reasons, Miller said:

  • Admitted, A+ rated carriers
  • Fast turn-around time for rating and quoting, with competitive pricing

What makes Arrowhead’s Manufactured Home Community Program an easier sell?

“We have availability for difficult-to-place properties on CAT-exposed accounts,” Miller explained, noting how crucial this is in hurricane- and tornado-prone areas.

Kelley noted that he’s had communities wiped out by tornadoes, but since they had the right property coverage, income coverage and debris removal in place, the owners were able to rebuild.

Some of these communities were actually stronger after the storm, he recalled. Because surrounding neighborhoods also suffered major damage, leaving families homeless, his insured parks filled up to 100 percent capacity. Read more about Kurt Kelley here.

With more than 20 years’ experience in insuring manufactured home communities and dealers, Miller reports that producers tell her the best benefits of our program also include

  • Multi-state coverage (available in 44 states)
  • Overall value due to broad coverages
  • Inspection surveys are completed on all accounts to help mitigate clients from having future GL losses

“Jackie and her team at Arrowhead General Agency are a great company to work with. Their experience and knowledge of our industry truly sets them apart from other companies. Jackie and team are always very responsive and willing to go the extra mile to make sure our partnership is a success.” —  Jennifer Perkins, president, Macke Perkins Insurance, Old Hickory, TN.

Producer advice on overcoming a prospective insured’s objections

Like most commercial clients, dealers or park owners are looking for ways to save money. Most objections are over coverage a client or prospect doesn’t think he needs. Kelley explains that he walks them through various types of problem scenarios, asking, for example, “If your property floods, do you want coverage for that? Do you know that you have no coverage if any subcontractors are injured on your site? Do you want insurance coverage if your employee is injured or accuses you of paying her incorrectly? How about if your computer system goes down?”

He often sees a prospect that, yes, has low rates, but is also too thinly insured. His responsibility is to inform that business owner or manager that they’re not covered in case of a (fill-in-the-blank event). “If they’re not being properly advised by their agent, I tell them. They’re getting bad advice. It’s time to change agents.”

Most prospective clients likely don’t understand the true complexity of insurance language, contracts, and the reasons why some coverage extensions and exclusions exist, Miller explained.  It’s crucial that the producer explain various coverage options and why each is important to business owners, so that they feel more comfortable with you being in charge of their insurance.

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