Top Reasons to add Railroad Contractors and Manufacturers Program to your producer portfolio

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Get on board with our Railroad Program to grow your book of business

Stay on track to grow your commercial/specialty lines book of business this year with our Railroad Contractors and Manufacturers Program. “We represent a carrier who’s been in business for over a hundred years, and they’ve been in the railroad contractors market for more than 20 years,” explained Matt Hetrick, program manager. “They have very strong financial ratings. They know the industry. They know the risks. And they’re experts in loss control.”

Why choose Arrowhead’s Railroad Program?

Hetrick named multiple reasons that the program leads the market:

  • Admitted program. We offer general liability, commercial auto, property, inland marine, and umbrella protection on admitted paper. “The GL is required,” Hetrick explained. “But with the GL you can round out the account with the additional lines of coverage for your client. We can also do a railroad protective liability policy as needed if we have the primary GL in the program.”
  • Complete package. “You don’t have to go to several carriers to complete a client package. We can entertain an extensive array of operations in the railroad construction space,” he said.
  • Direct bill with flexible payment options. “Your client can choose from several different installment plans up to a 10-pay. They will be billed on an account basis so they only receive one bill,” Hetrick added.
  • Available in 47 states. States not eligible for primary operations are Alaska, Hawaii and Louisiana.

“Our producers recognize us as THE best program out there,” Hetrick said. “Price-wise, we’re very competitive, but often it’s our selling advantages that help us win the business.”

What do producers like best about Arrowhead’s Railroad Program?

“Good loss control and risk management resources,” said one Texas producer. Hetrick agreed, “Experts in construction and railroad-related business will call or go out to your clients’ sites. They’ll review safety training and provide safety recommendations to prevent losses.” The program also offers a full suite of webinars and training materials for your insureds, covering topics ranging from managing construction contracts or safe driving, to fire protection and prevention.

“My clients have large schedules of vehicles and equipment and are working in multiple states. The quick turnaround for questions and changes from Arrowhead’s team makes our job easier,” said a Florida producer.

What are the areas you specialize in?

“We’ve had a lot of success with mid-to-large-sized contractors, both local and regional,” Hetrick said. “But we can entertain smaller accounts as well.”

Arrowhead’s program has long-term industry experience in

  • New track construction
  • Maintenance and repair on existing track
  • Tie removal and disposal
  • Spur line upgrades
  • Freight forwarding loading and unloading
  • Railcar cleaning, maintenance and repair
  • Railcar and part manufacturing
  • Distributors of railroad related parts, supplies and equipment
  • Rail yard work
  • Emergency services related to derailment
  • Additional operations in railroad service and supply

Learn more about Arrowhead’s Railroad Program.

The rail industry has faced challenges in 2020 like many others, but continues to be a major contributor to U.S. economy. According to the Association of American Railroads, American freight railroads play a major role in nearly every industrial, wholesale, and retail sector, including up to 60,000 carloads of food and agricultural products per week. “The rail industry is a unique space,” said Hetrick. “And we offer a premier product for railroad contractors and manufacturers. This is a very advantageous program for producers to add to their portfolio of specialty lines, and a great way to grow their book of business.”

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