Our Workers’ Compensation Program Expansion includes 5 new states

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Arrowhead expands its Workers’ Compensation Program into the Southeast

 Our Workers’ Compensation Program expansion into five southeastern states includes Tennessee, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Alabama. More states will be added next year.

“Expansion in these southeast states is a natural fit for our Workers’ Comp program,” said Becky Pinto, president of our Workers’ Compensation Program. “We already have a large agency base eager to access our program. Plus, we want to help our producers provide more solutions to their customers. With our innovative online platform and great company partners, we’re excited to begin our next chapter in these states.”

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The five states were selected for their growth opportunity. Arrowhead’s uniqueness in the market is due to targeted industry segments, the ability to write 300+ class codes, unique distribution opportunities and a full service offering that includes claims handling and loss control services.

Arrowhead has worked with both carriers, Everest and Munich Re, for a decade or more. “Over the years we’ve had conversations with them regarding state expansion opportunities,” Pinto explained. “Working collaboratively with both, we developed a proposal and plan for expansion. These five states are Phase 1 of our Workers’ Compensation expansion initiative.”

“Expansion has always been part of our plan,” agreed Alonzo Dunn, VP of business development. “With this launch we’re bringing growth for our carriers, Arrowhead – and our agent producers.”

Insurance agents must be contracted to write the coverage.  “Currently, we’re working with a select group of agents established within the five states,” Pinto explained. “However, we will consider expanding the broker base if alignment and opportunities exist for both the broker and Arrowhead.

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Appointed agents can submit through the online portal, Arrowhead Exchange. This streamlines the process, using technology that auto-populates the application, from various agency management systems. “In other words, producers won’t have to retype the same information multiple times, so the quote and bind process is streamlined,” said Pinto.

When asked what makes our Work Comp product unique, Dunn explained, “We have combined the best of both worlds – leading-edge technology along with a dedicated underwriter – to help agents write more accounts quickly.” Learn more about Arrowhead Workers’ Comp Program.

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