Grab more local business with your insurance agency Google Business profile [infographic]

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How to set up and optimize your insurance agency’s Google Business profile


Did you know at least 80 percent of online searches are for LOCAL business information? Often they go to Google Maps and type in “insurance agency.”  If they do, does your agency show up? And what does your profile look like?

It’s worth checking out. You can do it two ways: 1) go to, type in your city or area plus “insurance agency.” Or 2) open an incognito browser window and type in your agency name. In both cases, your Google Business profile (if you have one) will pop up on the right.

If you already have a profile, check it CLOSELY. We provided information on this some time ago in our post, Use these insurance marketing hacks to drive more online business. View this post for a number things to look for in your profile.

One of the key things to check are your online reviews. You need to reply to these folks on an ongoing basis. Studies show that 85 percent of us trust online reviews. Of course, insurance companies and agencies, due to the nature of the beast, don’t often get raving reviews. Still, it’s important to respond publicly via Google Business, so that people see that you are responsive and interested in solving issues.

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If you don’t have a profile, view the infographic below provided by Headway Capital. It explains what a Google Business profile (formerly GoogleMyBusiness) is and what it does. It also walks you through the entire process of setting up your listing plus what to do if someone else has claimed your business profile, how to verify your listing, how to optimize it, and more.

Courtesy of: Headway Capital