How are your employees faring during this prolonged pandemic,

and how can you help?

Top stressors for employees:

Getting enough exercise

Time management

Distractions and interruptions

Working too many or too few hours

Juggling work & family

Communicating with colleagues


Technology issues

How can you help employees build resilience?


Gallup’s research reveals 5 personal values that positively affect performance during crises:


I know what’s expected of me at work.


I have the materials and equipment to do my work right.


At work, I’m empowered to do what I do best every day.


The mission of my organization tells me my job is important.


My coworkers are committed to doing quality work.

Start with your managers. Gallup says they’re even more stressed than other employees. Communicate, coach, encourage.

Managers, here’s how you can strengthen employees

Start the conversation; then listen. What are key stressors? How can you help overcome them: flex time, more tools, simply listening? Ask the group for solutions.

Create and respect boundaries. Help employees set a schedule. And respect their boundaries.

Emphasize results, not hours. Offer flexibility when needed.

Talk often. Team meetings. Video chats. One-on-ones. IMs. Emails. Phone calls.

Play together. Find ways to have fun together. View ideas here.

Encourage wellbeing breaks. Step away. Take a walk. Create a wellbeing “Board of Directors.”

Recognize & reward. Celebrate successes, whether they’re work-related or not.

Follow up. Reach out. Listen. Encourage. Wash, rinse, repeat.

View more ideas and details on encouraging employees here.

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