Residential Earthquake-Palomar Specialty (Value Select)

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Residential Earthquake-Palomar Specialty (Value Select)

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Product Info

With our à la carte product from Palomar Specialty (rated “A-” by A.M. Best), insureds can select the exact coverage amounts they want for other structures, contents, loss-of-use and loss assessments. Our traditional comprehensive product includes these other coverages based on the requested Coverage A amount.

We can provide limits up to $15 million TIV in California, Oregon and Washington; depending on the product, we include or have the ability to add increased swimming pool coverage and extended coverage for loss-of-use.

  • Quick one-minute quoting process
  • Eight deductible options ranging from 2.5% to 25%
  • Stand-alone policy can be written alongside any admitted HO3/DP3/HO6 policy
  • Admitted carrier backed by CIGA
  • 10 percent new and renewal commissions
  • EQ policies require minimal service and have great retention

Coverage Highlights

  • Up to $15 million TIV, with deductibles ranging from 2.5 – 25 percent
  • Customizable coverage limits: you can modify the Cov A/B/C/D individually.  Customers only pay for the coverage they need
  • Increased loss assessment coverage available up to $100K
  • Split limit policy with coverages structured similar to HO-3/DP-3/HO-6 policy (makes coverage limits easy to understand, as opposed to blanket type policy)
  • Deductible applies by line of coverage (Insured has a better chance at collecting on a partial-loss claim than on “Blanket Deductible” type policy)
  • Deductible is waived for the first $1,500 loss-of-use
  • Great alternative to limited CEA or “Mandatory-Offer” (Mini EQ) style policies as well as one-size-fits-all type policies
  • Direct billing with no down payment required for binding. Flexible payment plans including credit card options

Target Market

Newer frame construction or reinforced masonry/reinforced concrete construction structures, or those that have been retrofitted and built on flat or gently sloping lots with slab or raised concrete foundations. Unretrofitted dwellings are acceptable but do not qualify for retrofit discount.

  • Reinforced masonry and reinforced concrete construction now acceptable
  • 100% brick veneer dwellings now acceptable
  • Retrofit no longer required on older homes for eligibility (Credit/discount available when acceptable proof of retrofit is received)

How to quote

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