New Automotive Aftermarket value-added services for producers and their clients

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New value-added services from our Auto Aftermarket team provide a competitive edge


Arrowhead’s Automotive Aftermarket team is constantly looking for ways to enhance their program. They’ve recently added two services that will help producers close deals more easily: free defensive driving online classes for employees and an easier way to recruit new technicians. Both Auto Aftermarket value-added services will aid your insureds in their businesses – and help you create new accounts.


Easy defensive driving training by 1moresecond®

Now your clients can curb employee vehicle accidents with free online defensive driver training. They can use the course as orientation training for new hires or refresher training for experienced drivers. They can also target training for their high-risk drivers.

Your clients’ employees will appreciate a fast-paced, two-hour training with full-motion video hazard exercises and eight interactive modules. This isn’t your typical “watch a slideshow and answer questions” like most defensive driving classes. Plus, eDriving (the creator of 1moresecond®) handles all the tracking and reports. You’ll find it easy to see who’s completed the course and who hasn’t.

The course is designed to increase driver awareness and help combat aggressive or distracted driving, which has reached unprecedented levels:

  • Nearly 80% of drivers reported that they have experienced anger, aggression and even road rage while driving. (AAAFTS)
  • Every day in the U.S. alone, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 injured in crashes that involve a distracted driver. (NCSA)
  • Just adding one more second to your standard following distance can reduce the likelihood of a collision by up to two-thirds.

The goal of 1moresecond® is to equip drivers with tools to manage their emotions and choices before they lead to destructive actions.

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Producers, here is a flyer you can download, add your contact information to, and leave with your clients or prospects. It’ll help you more easily explain this free Automotive Aftermarket value-added service to your clients. Additionally, here’s a short video overview of the course that you can share with clients. You can sign them up here.


Help clients find auto technicians more easily with S/P2®

We’re hearing that the auto technician shortage is nearing crisis level. As an insurance consultant, you can help your clients with a shortcut to well-trained techs, using S/P2® Careers.

We’ve teamed up with S/P2 to provide another Automotive Aftermarket value-added service that will increase your competitive edge and help your clients recruit and hire the next generation of technicians.

A technician recruitment service, S/P2 has more than 40,000 entry-level tech candidates in auto service, collision repair, heavy-duty/diesel tech programs. Your clients can geotarget recruiting to discover nearby candidates. There are two programs available:

  • Unlimited program offers unlimited online candidate searches, candidate contacts, job postings and job applications, all for $500 per month plus a 10 percent Arrowhead discount, totaling $450. Your client receives a 10 percent discount each month; plus, S/P2 donates 5 percent back to the ASE Education Foundation.
  • Credits program offers unlimited searches and job postings; then your client will use credits to contact candidates, accept requests and view applicants. Credits are $1 each, with a minimum of $250, minus the 10 percent discount, totaling $225. Clients can use the credits over an extended period of time.

Producers, here is a flyer you can download, add your contact information to, and leave with your clients or prospects to help you explain this timely Automotive Aftermarket value-added service to your clients. You can get more information or sign them up here.

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