Top reasons to add Auto Aftermarket Express Package to your producer portfolio

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Ready to grow your commercial lines book? Here’s why you should consider Aftermarket Express


A few months back, our Auto Aftermarket Express producers asked us to enhance our coverages and expand both our eligibility and our premium limits for their garage, auto services, collision repair, retail tire clients and more. We heard you – and we’re busy rolling out those changes now.

(Editorial note: We love getting feedback from our producers. With your feet on the street, you always provide valuable insights as to what’s going on in your marketplace, and provide us with the intel we need to improve and expand our products and programs.)

New enhancements and expanded limits to Aftermarket Express

Here’s an outline of our recent changes:

Expanded Eligibility:

  • Maximum premium increase from $50,000 to $125,000 total account premium
  • No limit on number of employees or locations
  • Up to 25 power units are considered
  • The Total Insured Value increase from $10M to $15M

Enhanced Coverages:

  • Business Income and Extra Expense: Actual Loss Sustained for 12 Months
  • Building: Automatic Increase in Insurance and No Coinsurance Provision
  • Broader definition of your product and your work
  • Coverage for vacant land and LRO
  • Blanket Garage Keeper’s coverage available
  • More than 25 other coverages and limits have been expanded

These expansions are now available in California, New Jersey and Georgia. We’re continuing to roll out the upgraded program on an average of five states per month. Contact your marketing representative at to see when your state is scheduled.

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Your feedback on expanded Aftermarket Express

Here’s what some of our producers have to say about the “new and improved” Automotive Aftermarket Express package:

“It takes you 10 minutes to gain 15 percent commission on a policy. You can quote the business while on the phone and bind coverage the same day,” said agency principal Bruce Hawley of Hawley Insurance Services in Yorba Linda, California.

One Nevada producer said he came across one of Arrowhead’s current insureds when reviewing their current policy to compare the policy and coverages offered. “I was really impressed with your policy form, coverages and pricing,” he said, as he signed up to get contracted to offer Aftermarket Express, even before the upgrades hit his state.

“The program is very competitive compared to other carriers,” said San Jose producer Pritpal Atwal, principal at N&T Insurance Solutions. “I like that coverage can be customized, there’s multiple location coverage all on one policy, and commercial auto can be added.”

“It’s your speed and service. Being able to get a fast quote and then bind online is great. And when I have questions, I have my assigned underwriter and marketing rep that I can run a potential client past, and get good advice,” said an Indiana producer.

“The Actual Loss Sustained [ALS] coverage – it’s in high demand for my larger garages,” added Bruce Hawley in Southern California.

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Your clients’ feedback on Aftermarket Express

Digging a little deeper, we asked producers, “What do your clients say they like best about this program?”

“You allow heavy truck and diesel repair and incidental towing,” said a Minnesota producer.“Not too many others allow either one.”

“Mechanics E&O is included, at no extra cost,” added Jen Hawley of Hawley Insurance Services in Yorba Linda, California.

“You’re more of a one-stop shop for this market segment,” said an Idaho agent who’s in the process of becoming an Arrowhead producer. “This product works for more automotive businesses than my other markets, because many shops have a tow truck or two, or incidentally sell some vehicles or used tires, or have loaner vehicles or a shuttle service. All these are small one-offs, but my other markets don’t like them.”

Advice for new Aftermarket Express producers

We also polled producers as to their best sales tips to offer to newbie producers. Here’s what they said:

  • Garage and auto repair shop owners don’t spend a lot of time on the computer, so most likely they won’t get to your email. Their days are spent under cars, not online. Email is not the best way to reach them.
  • Go out and meet with the garage owners because they value person-to person interaction, and many of them haven’t been approached about requoting their insurance coverages in years.
  • Arrowhead offers a flyer that we can print and leave behind with the garage owner.
  • Follow up with a phone call or handwritten note, unless they specifically asked you to email them.

“If you’re not yet contracted to sell Automotive Aftermarket Express Package, why not?” quipped Wendy Castelo, vice president of Marketing Services. She went on to elaborate the benefits of adding this program to your portfolio of risk solutions:

  • An easy-to-use online system to rate, quote and bind
  • A competitive commission rate of 15 percent
  • Direct access to your underwriter to discuss scenarios and questions
  • An increase in client retention, because the program allows you to easily add other lines
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“For agencies that are looking to establish a local niche, this is definitely a program worth investigating,” added Business Development Manager Steve Goebel. “These insureds prefer in-person interaction. And if there are no local automotive garage specialist agencies in your area, then these potential clients must be getting their policy from either a non-specialist who doesn’t know their industry, or from a specialist that’s located farther away and deals with them only through email, phone or fax – but not in person.”