Top reasons to add Forestry & Logging Program to your producer portfolio

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How you can grow your book with our Forestry & Logging Program

According to the U.S. Forest Service, forests in the United States span over 750 million acres. About two thirds of those forests consist of timberland—areas capable of producing industrial timber.

The U.S. produces approximately 11.97 billion cubic feet of industrial roundwood each year, and the U.S. forestry industry currently employs close to one million people.

That’s a lot of trees—and people operating the machinery to work with those trees!

Arrowhead provides an insurance solution for all that logging equipment and more through our Forestry & Logging Program. Specifically, we offer inland marine coverage for the mobile equipment, machinery and tools commonly needed in forestry, logging, land clearing, saw milling and wood chipping operations.

“Not only is our process super simple, but it’s also insanely fast,” said Forestry Program Business Development Leader Donald Fiorini. “We have a methodology for the underwriting that identifies a few risk key factors, which makes the quoting process simple and easy for the agent to provide an exceptionally fast turnaround.”

Why yell “Timber” with Arrowhead?

Fiorini listed multiple reasons the Forestry & Logging Program leads the market:

  • Fast quotes. “We typically have quotes within 48 hours, but we’re also able to provide quotes within 30 minutes if need be. Our goal is that if an application comes in by 2 p.m., their quote is ready by 4 p.m. — and we actually hit that mark a good percentage of the time,” said Fiorini.
  • Adaptable. “This is an unusual business in general, and we insure a wide variety of equipment types, including a mulching/dying machine, which is a giant piece of equipment that grinds trees into mulch-sized pieces and colors them at the same time,” he said.
  • Additional coverage. Opt for rental reimbursement, leased, loaned, rented or borrowed equipment, trailers, spare parts, and miscellaneous tools and equipment.
  • Low deductibles, high limits. Deductible options start at $500 with policy coverage limits up to $10,000,000 per occurrence available.
  • Nationwide. Wood product related coverage is available in all 50 states.

What producers are saying about Arrowhead’s Forestry & Logging Program

“We have trusted Arrowhead to insure the equipment in our Prime Logger Program for almost 10 years. We could not be more pleased with the underwriting service, claims handling and expertise they bring to our program. Madeline Feld and her staff are second to none in the logging equipment industry in North Carolina,” said Joshua Adams, vice president of Southeastern Agency Group, NC.

“The insurance business is a relationship business on all levels, from brokers to carriers to clients. My experience with Arrowhead has been extremely positive through all phases of service, from underwriting to processing claims. Our partnership with Arrowhead has been vital to building my book of business and servicing our clients’ needs. I am truly thankful for the level of personalized service that we receive from Arrowhead,” said Payton Neely, commercial lines producer at Commercial Insurance Services, Inc., GA.

Advice for Forestry & Logging producers

“Our product is a single piece of the puzzle for an agent,” explained Fiorini. “It’s very specialized. We recommend our producers also bring to the table other insurance solutions to round out their clients’ coverage, including commercial auto, property, trucking, liability and workers compensation.

Learn more about our Forestry Program.

Interested in becoming appointed to sell this program? ContacDon Fiorini.