5 ways to thank insurance clients

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Wondering how to thank insurance clients? Use these 5 tips


With Thanksgiving just three weeks away, now’s a good time to consider new ways to thank insurance clients for, well, for being your clients. And who knows? Your expression of thanks may help them stay put come renewal time.

First, don’t lump them into one group. Some of them may love a shout-out on social media. Others rarely visit social media, but would love a handwritten note. Every commercial client would love a business referral. So that’s our first tip: consider your clients, individually. With that thought, here are five ways to thank clients.

1. Make it personal. Sure, Thanksgiving emails with images of pumpkins, fall scenes or bountiful tables are pretty to look at, but everyone knows that’s a blanket thank-you. It’s not personal. So this year, forego the pretty email in favor of sending personal emails. You can use much the same wording in all, but somehow personalize it – add family member’s names, the dog’s name, or mention any major event (birth, wedding, child heading off to college) in a paragraph (not in the header), if you’re a personal lines producer. Commercial producers, mention a business milestone they achieved this year (moved to a new office, hired new staff, added new products). That way, everyone knows you wrote the email specifically to them – it wasn’t just a mass email.

2. Do it the old-fashioned way. Regardless if your client is a Millennial, a Boomer or part of the Silent Generation, everyone likes receiving a handwritten thank-you note. Yes, these will take time, so you’d better start now. Keep it short to preserve your fingers’ dexterity, but your message can be similar from note to note.

3. Do it online. Of course, this process is much easier if you’ve already connected with your clients on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., allowing you to post on their walls/newsfeeds. If you haven’t connected, you can still thank them digitally using tags. Vital Designand Hubspot listed these ways to say thanks electronically:

  • On Twitter, give a client a thumbs-up for a great post, a great website, or just for being a loyal client.
  • Endorse a client on LinkedIn or even write a recommendation.
  • Like, share, retweet posts that a client has made.
  • Feature a client in your posts – show them as a hero. Everyone loves to read success stories!
  • Post a fun photo of your team on Facebook with a thank-you message or quick video. Amateur is ok, but make sure your humor is indeed funny to anyone.
  • If you have a blog, feature a client in a post or ask the client to guest blog.

4. Give back to the community. Start a new tradition: As part of your Thanksgiving thank-you email (personalized, of course!), explain that you’re starting something new. Every year, just after Thanksgiving, you’ll shut the office down for half a day and your entire crew will volunteer at a local charity. Do your research on local charities and in your client email, offer three or four charity options. Have your clients vote for their favorite charity – and that’s where you’ll serve. Take lots of photos that day. Post them on your social media outlets, in a blogpost – and send out a client email with a few images saying “Here’s how we gave thanks for you this year.”

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5. Start your own Academy Awards. Create “Client Awards” on your social media channels. Award a different client 4-6 times a year, explaining why and how they’re deserving of the recognition. Deliver pizzas to their office that day as a thank-you (or to their home, if you’re a personal lines agent).

Of course, there are lots of other ways to thank insurance clients – with company swag, a gift card, home baked goodies, donuts or bagels hand-delivered to the office, etc. Just don’t let your primary message of “Thanks for being a client. We value and appreciate you!” get lost in the logistics.

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And all of us at Arrowhead also take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our carriers, producers, business associates and employees. We enjoy you, appreciate you, love working alongside you – and look forward to many more years!