How to retain your property & casualty clients

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Retain your property & casualty clients by keeping them in the know

According to a recent article in Property Casualty 360, there’s a slightly widening gap in what our property & casualty policyholders expect, and what we deliver as insurance industry professionals. Are you finding this to be true in your agency? Are you satisfied with your retention rate? Today we’re providing a list of resources to help you retain your property & casualty clients.

The article names the top five challenges that our P&C clients face:

  1. Managing exposures (40%)
  2. Keeping up-to-date on regulatory changes (39%)
  3. Controlling workers’ compensation costs (37%)
  4. Cyber threats and security (32%)
  5. Educating employees on safety (30%)

As agents/business consultants/risk consultants/HR consultants, you know how crucial it is to keep your insureds informed. No doubt it was drilled into your head early on that you’re not just an agent – you’re there to understand their business and help them problem-solve each of their risks. But making the time to keep yourself updated can be a struggle. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Arrowhead can help you retain your property & casualty clients. We strive to keep you informed on each of these topics, as they affect you and your clients. Peruse this list of risk management and loss control articles, based on specific topics, and feel free to pass them along to your clients as you follow up with them on a regular basis. A monthly email or e-newsletter to your commercial clients is a good way to “drip” these risk management best practices to them – and it gives you a reason to contact them monthly.

You’ll not only prove yourself to be a business consultant to your clients, but you’ll help make your relationship more “sticky” – thereby increasing your retention rate.


Auto safety


Automotive Aftermarket


Commercial property loss control


Commercial auto 




Cyber safety & data breaches




General risk management




Retail clients


Winter safety & loss control


Workplace safety


Workers’ compensation