3 insurance agent prospecting tips to heat up your summer season

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Use these insurance agent prospecting tips to grow your business

Cold calling isn’t dead, many agents tell us. Nowadays, though, you need to be just a little smarter – and be armed with information – before you call on that prospect, whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email. Here are some insurance agent prospecting tips to help you learn more about the potential client and their business, so that you can speak intelligently to their needs.

Insurance agent prospecting tips for introverts

Earlier this month we interviewed a new Arrowhead producer, Abel Puerta, whose gregarious, positive attitude is skyrocketing him in his selling of our Automotive Aftermarket Express package. (You can read our interview here.) Abel’s found his niche in agribusiness and auto aftermarket insurance, because he knows both industries intimately, having worked for years in each. Digital marketing doesn’t work with these prospects, he says – they’re not on their computers. Yes, they’re on their phones somewhat – but not to conduct business. These niches call for face-to-face interactions.

While Abel has no problem with cold calling, many introverts do. So here are a few tips to help you introverts succeed at cold calls, courtesy of Alen Mayer, NorthAmericanSalesTraining.com:

  • Acknowledge your anxiety, then work past it, with
  • Preparation: learn as much as you can about their business.
  • Anticipate objections and create your thoughtful responses.
  • Don’t forget to put them at ease, but your small talk can be short.
  • Ask questions. Let them talk. The one who’s asking the questions controls the conversation.
  • Build trust: persuade, don’t manipulate.
  • Move towards a closing commitment.
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How to find practically anyone’s work email address

You’d love to prospect at a particular company and you found your key contact on LinkedIn, but you’re not connected. Or you chatted with a potential client at a networking event, only to lose her card. Good news: you don’t have to kiss that prospect goodbye. Our next prospecting tip for insurance agents, from Hubspot, gives us three ways to find them.

The first one you’ve no doubt had success with, on several occasions: You’ve searched their website, determined their email structure by locating an email address such as information@bluewidgets.com, and then plugged in your contact person’s first initial and last name.

When that doesn’t work, try using Email Breaker to figure out the company’s email structure.

If you’re connected to this person on LinkedIn, Hubspot reveals a hidden method for collecting their work email:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn.
  2. From your home page, click on “Connections” at the top.
  3. Click on the cog icon to the right of the screen.
  4. Click “Export LinkedIn Connections” on the right side.
  5. Choose to export as a .CSV file.
  6. Open the .CSV in Excel or Google Sheets.
  7. Find the name of the influencer and their corresponding email.

Last, try this fun trick: Voila Norbert. It’s a simple and free online tool. Just enter the person’s first and last name plus the domain name for their company. Next, press “Work for me, Norbert.” And… voila. Just know you’re limited to 50 names.

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Top insurance agent prospecting tactics to try today

Sometimes it seems tougher to get in front of your prospects or gain a few minutes of their time, than it is to actually close the sale. If you’re finding that true, here are a few tips from sales guru Anthony Iannarino in his book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need.

While research is crucial, it isn’t prospecting. Create a list of the clients you’d like to win, and then research them via their website, social media and other online directories. Yes, you’ll need this information – but this isn’t prospecting. Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time researching and then not taking the next step – reaching out to them.

Just do it – daily. Somehow it’s easier to close your door and say, “I’m going to spend the next hour prospecting” than it is to set aside half a day, only to find you make so many excuses that it never happens.

Change it up. If you email them today, then next time, call them. If you leave a voicemail today, then next time, contact them via LinkedIn. Drop them a postcard. Chat up their receptionist or assistant. Heck, deliver donuts if they’re a good prospect!

Keep the end in sight. Keep tabs on your record, so you know: If it takes you 50 touches to get two meetings, then focus on making those 50 calls or emails. Make sure you’re constantly adding to your opportunity pipeline.

Don’t give up. Remember the old adage: 80 percent of sales people stop after the first or second touch; 20 percent keep going to 8-10 touches and win the business. That prospect may be happy with their agent today, but next year, after their claim goes bad, may be looking to switch.

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Your turn: What’ve been your top insurance agent prospecting tips and techniques?

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