Insurance sales tactics to fill your pipeline this new year

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Insurance sales tactics to increase sales this year

Do you typically start the new year with new resolve to prospect hard and heavy…only to lose steam partway through February? You’re not alone. For that reason, we’re providing you with an infographic full of insurance sales tactics to help you fill your pipeline. Here are a few:

  • Be proactive. As you’re well aware, those opportunities don’t often just fall in your lap. So approach each conversation with the value that you can uniquely bring: your knowledge industry, as well as your insider information on their business.
  • Be a fountain of information. Your prospects aren’t just looking at you – they’re talking to your competitors, too. You need to continuously bring value to them as you nurture them…or your competitor will.
  • Be risk-knowledgeable. Some 61 percent of buyers say that their sales person helped them avoid potential pitfalls they could encounter. They want reassurance that you know their business and industry well – as well as your own industry – and can help them navigate any potential risks.
  • Be valuable. 81 percent of top-performing sales organizations say their company is focused on driving the maximum value for buyers. Of the sales organizations surveyed that are performing at an average or below level, only 61 percent say they focus on driving maximum value.
  • Be strategic. Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest – and easiest – untapped opportunity for sales growth. Looking to fill your pipeline? Start with your existing clients.

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A quick survey of other insurance industry sales professionals added one more thought in the list of insurance sales tactics:

  • Be credentialed. Just having those letters after your name shows that you know your industry well and are trustworthy. Consider earning your certification as a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Certified Insurance Counselor, Community Insurance and Risk Management Specialist, Chartered Life Underwriter, Certified Leadership Professional or one of many other designation programs from various industry associations.

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The infographic below from Rain Sales Training provides nine ways to meet and exceed your sales goals this year (backed up by their own sales research data). You can interpret these to fit our industry – and pull ideas to strengthen your own insurance sales tactics for success.


9 Ways to Crush Your Sales Goals in 2018 Infographic

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